Pro Dance Services Elite Academy

Code of Practice

All staff & volunteers are expected to behave with integrity in all professional and business relationships (not just at PDS Elite Academy). To be honesty but fair, courtesy and considerate, upholding and enhance the good standard and reputation of PDS Elite Academy and work in a collaborative and co-operative manner with other staff, volunteers, dance professionals and other organisations.


All staff & volunteers are expected to strive for objectivity in all professional and business judgments, working in an open and co-operative manner with students and families and ensure that students are not discriminated against on the grounds of sex, race, colour, religion, age, disability, national or social origin or other status.


Staff & volunteers are expected to not accept work or undertake work for which they are not competent or qualified to do so, and should acknowledge any limitations in their knowledge and competency and take steps to practice in a fully skilled manner, assisting professional colleagues, in the context of their own knowledge, experience and sphere of responsibility, to develop their professional competence and undertake continuing professional development to ensure knowledge and practice remains current as required by their individual awarding body and PDS Elite Academy.


All staff & volunteers are expected to carry out their professional work with due skill, care and proper regard for the technical and professional standards expected by PDS Elite Academy, ensuring that no action or omission on their part, or within their sphere of responsibility, is detrimental to the interests or safety of PDS Elite Academy. Acting with courtesy and consideration and in such a manner as to promote and safeguard the interests and well-being of PDS Elite Academy students and should justify PDS Elite Academy' student trust and confidence.

All our staff and volunteers are expected to insure that confidential information obtained in the course of their professional work is not be used for personal advantage or disclosed without the consent of the pupil or parent, except where there is a legal right or duty to disclose abiding by current data protection legislation at all times.

No staff member or volunteer are expected to seek publicity for their own services out side of the company unless approved by PDS Elite Academy and under no circumstances, can they promote their or the services of another teacher, in such a way, or to such an extent, that amounts to harassment of the prospective pupil or parent or  publish, or cause to be published, any notice, newspaper, advertisement or any other matter likely to damage the standing of PDS Elite Academy or to damage or depreciate the reputation of any colleague or student.

All our staff and volunteers are expected to comply with statutory requirements affecting health and safety at work, ensuring the provision of adequate public/products liability insurance and employer liability insurance before running any session.

They must comply with all the statutory requirements affecting the running of PDS Elite Academy, including registration of names, income tax, value added tax and any other matter required by law within their job roll at PDS Elite Academy.

Ensuring that they are in accordance with the law with regard to copyright, recording, public performance and other matters concerning printed matter and recorded music.

All our staff and volunteers must ensure that classes are of a size appropriate to the levels and techniques being taught and the space being used and that students in each class are of a compatible age and/or standard.

They are expected to be aware of developments in Child Protection legislation and undertake Criminal Records Bureau enhanced disclosure as required, and endure that teaching facilities are adequately maintained and provide suitable flooring appropriate to the technique taught, with a clean, safe surface; to minimise the risk of injury.

That adequate heating levels and ventilation ae in place.

That suitable, secure and safe area for changing and abide by Health and Safety statutory legislation requirements; understand their responsibility in case of a medical emergency and keep records in the PDS Elite Academy accident book as well as ensuring that all fire regulations are displayed and adhered to.

All our staff and volunteers are expected to behave in accordance with sound data protection principles; currently these are the eight data protection principles of the Data Protection Act 1998. 

  1.     Fairly and lawfully processed

  2.     Processed for limited purposes

  3.     Adequate, relevant and not excessive

  4.     Accurate

  5.     Not kept longer than necessary

  6.     Processed in accordance with data subjects’ rights

  7.     Secure

  8.     Not transferred to countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) without adequate protection


Notification In certain circumstances (but not all) dance teachers need to register with the Information Commission.


Specifically dealing with Under 18s


All PDS Elite Academy Staff and Volunteers adopt as a condition of employment the following:


Staff and Volunteers who deal with under 18’s

  • Must have DBS clearance,

  • Must make sure proper records of all our pupils, including date of birth, address etc are obtained

  • Must make sure that a contact telephone number for each pupil is obtained in case of an emergency. 

  • Must make sure that provision has been made to record medical conditions i.e.:- asthma, diabetes, epilepsy and all allergies etc.

  • Must make sure that a register is kept and produced in event of evacuation of the premises.





A ratio of one adult per 10 children (depending on the age of the children) operates in all our classes, this may mean that for small classes parents are expected to stay during the session. This is especially appropriate to Private tuition were a parent or gradian must remain with the child during the lesson. 

During examinations pupils will not be left alone with an Examiner, This applies to provisional members and professional examinations involving those under 18 years of age.

All PDS Elite Academy Staff and Volunteers will: 

  • Avoid all inappropriate, unnecessary and physical contact with pupils

  • Refrain from making any personal remarks to the child.

  • Make it clear to children, parents, carers, helpers and other dance teachers what body contact is acceptable and how this should be managed.



Concise arrangements must be made by parents and carers with class instructor about the collection of a child from classes.

Parents will be made aware any changes in these arrangements by instructor and we expect parents to notify instructor of any changes they need to make.

No child will be left to wait alone outside a class or venue, 2 adults will waiting with them again for small sessions this may operate on a rota basis with a parent and one instructor staying behind after each session to accommodate. 

Please note that you maybe charged if a member of staff is left waiting more than 15 minutes or you are late by 10 minutes continually (3 or more times on the run).

All PDS Elite Academy Staff and Volunteers will

  • Listen to children and keep an open mind about complaints.

  • Ensure that parents and carers are aware of issues of safety and how to raise concerns. 

  • Ensure that bullying between pupils does not occur.

Although it is hoped that no teacher would have to restrain a pupil, the following could be acceptable reasons for such:-

  1.     When they injure themselves or others.

  2.     When damage is caused.

  3.     Action causing a breach of the peace.

  4.     Interfering with the discipline of the class.

  5.     Risk of assault.

If removal from the premises is necessary, the PDS Elite Academy Staff and Volunteer dealing with the incidents will call the parent, carer or police to do so. Removal without such action is a violation.

Updated /23/03/21