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International Ballroom, Latin American, Classical & Modern Sequence, American Smooth & Rhythm,

Argentine Tango, Latino & Salsa,

Swing & Charleston,

Wedding Dance Choreography

Oriental, Commercial Street , Lyrical Dance,

Yoga, Pilates and Personal Dance Fitness Training

"Dancing is a great social activity. You will soon have loads of new friends, your confidence will boost, your communication and teamwork skills dramatically improve, and you'll get to do all this while dressed up in your Sunday best what can be better than that.

Janet Bosson



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 Private Lessons 

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Medal Work 

In both virtual classes and private lessons we work towards UKS and IDTA awards

These are optional awards that help both yourselves and PDS to asses your progress

and to give you a sense of achievement

Next UKA Awards

Working towards June 2021

Working towards December 2021


Next IDTA Awards

Working towards September 2021


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PDS Good Habits System


Based on a proven system by Just Coach the Complete Habit coaching system is a tried and tested way to improve your nutritional habits and feel the befits to your health and wellbeing.

Join our 22 week program for just £30 

  • Tailor made programme that can be adapted to individual dietary needs.

  • Daily updates

  • Fortnightly archivable goals

Improve you

Health and wellbeing by crating GOOD HABITS.


Strictly Style Theatre School 

For 6- 14yrs

learn to dance strictly style routines in 

International Ballroom, Latin American,

American Smooth & Rhythm,

Argentine Tango, Latino & Salsa,

Swing & Charleston,

Commercial Street , Lyrical Dance,

Ballet lesson online. Remote learning fo

Elite Teacher Training Academy 

over 16yrs 

work to wards a teaching diploma with the UKA in

International Ballroom, Latin American,

Classical Sequence

Club Dance & Salsa,

Graduation Caps

Wedding Dance Choreography 

Your first dance “is a must” to make your day special.

A special moment when you and your wife/husband take to the dance floor and officially open the dancing as the guests of honour at your wedding.

Lessons not only make you prepared for the occasion but are an excellent way to have fun and relax before your big day.  It’s a time that’s just for you and can help you both de-stress and re-energise from all the preparation and its a skill you can do together in the many years ahead.

Specials –

Aisle with style- improve your balance, poise and coordination so you walk down the Aisle with confidence. (and master those heels).

Father and Daughter Dance - Common at wedding receptions in the US and becoming fashionable in the UK.

Flash Mob - How about a bespoke surprise we all your guests dance or just the bridesmaids and or best man and ushers. 

We can provide you with a bespoke routine to your favourite piece of music or a Pre -Choreographed routine if your hours away for your big day.

Questions we may ask you

  • Have you chosen your music?

  • Are you looking for a particular style of dance?

  • Have either of you danced before?

  • How long off is the wedding?

  • About the brides dress (can be sent in private via email)

  • Are you just looking for a first dance or do you want more?

Dancing Grooms


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