Be Infection safe

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(required by law )


✅ fill out or one time registration form:

then each time you come for a lesson you need to
✅ Fast Check In :

Please use this SOS message service for urgent warnings or if you need to tell us something about your health.
✅ SOS :


✅ to wear a mask as you enter and exit our venues.


✅ to sanitise your hands as you enter and at other times during your lesson.


✅ to wait until your asked to enter the studio.


✅ to have your temperature taken before you start your lesson 


✅ to compile with the governments distancing 6 in and out rule.


Please note only people from the same household may dance together.

We will make sure


✅ There is a government  Q Code for you to scan.

✅ the area is cleaned between sessions to Covid standard

✅ our staff keep the distance rules


✅ our staff wear a visor or mask

✅ All your data is kept securely and not passed on to anyone.

Courses taken by our principal Janet to understand Covid - 19 and help keep you safe.

  • ePROTECT Respiratory Infections (EN) - World Heath Organisation-Heath Emergency Program

  • Covid -19 Tackling the Novel Coronavirus - The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

  • Emerging Respiration viruses, including Covid 19: Methods of detection, prevention response and control. - World Heath Organisation-Heath Emergency Program