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Pro Dance Service Waiver

Please fill out the following prior to attending your first session.

In order to be allowed to enter sessions run by Pro Dance Services on your first occasion and on any future visits, please read and agree to the following: -

I will notify Pro Dance Services if I have experienced any symptoms that may affect me during exercise activity including; chest pain, joint pain, respiratory symptoms, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties & loss of, or change to, my sense of smell or taste within the last 14 days prior to each visit to the studio.

I will notify Pro Dance Services if I have been in contact with any persons presenting any of the above symptoms or anyone who has been confirmed with a Covid 19 diagnosis within the last 14 days prior to each visit to the studio.

I will notify Pro Dance Services if I have been told to self-isolate within the last 14 days prior to each visit to the studio.

If I am in an “at risk” category or classed as an “extremely vulnerable person” and I confirm that I would still like to attend Pro Dance Services then I  must check with my Doctor/ Health Professional that I am are save to do so, prior to attending a session for the first time after being put in an “at risk” category or classed as an “extremely vulnerable person”

I confirm that I will adhere to any direction given to me by a teacher of Pro Dance Services whilst at the studio, including adhering to any requirements for hand washing and sanitising and that if my teacher wishes to stop the session due to their concerns mine/ours or anyone else in the sessions of health or safety they may do so.


Pro Dance Services is not responsible for any injury or any losses however so incurred by participating with the activities detailed in our online classes (pre-recorded or live).

All participants do so at their own risk and under 18 years should do so under adult supervision.

Please ensure that a suitably large, clear space is found to use with an adult before engaging in any dance or exercise related activity. This means a 2 metre squared space with at least 2 meter from floor to ceiling per dancer. There must be nothing which can break (glass, china etc) that may lead to injury in the space.

All exercise or dance should be performed in suitable attire within the remit of the participants own limits and should not be performed if there is any existing injury.

I confirm that I have read the above statements and confirm that I can comply with conditions of entry and will not hold the Pro Dance Services responsible if I become ill as a result of attending a session.

3 Be Infection safe

Please fill in our registration form 
(required by law )


✅ fill out or one time registration form:

then each time you come for a lesson you need to
✅ Fast Check In :

Please use this SOS message service for urgent warnings or if you need to tell us something about your health.
✅ SOS : https://www.dancecheckin.com/prodance/sos.html


✅ to wear a mask as you enter and exit our venues.


✅ to sanitise your hands as you enter and at other times during your lesson.


✅ to wait until your asked to enter the studio.


✅ to have your temperature taken before you start your lesson 


✅ to compile with the governments distancing 6 in and out rule.


Please note only people from the same household may dance together.

We will make sure


✅ There is a government  Q Code for you to scan.

✅ the area is cleaned between sessions to Covid standard

✅ our staff keep the distance rules


✅ our staff wear a visor or mask

✅ All your data is kept securely and not passed on to anyone.

Courses taken by our principal Janet to understand Covid - 19 and help keep you safe.

  • ePROTECT Respiratory Infections (EN) - World Heath Organisation-Heath Emergency Program

  • Covid -19 Tackling the Novel Coronavirus - The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

  • Emerging Respiration viruses, including Covid 19: Methods of detection, prevention response and control. - World Heath Organisation-Heath Emergency Program


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please read our waiver before booking any sessions