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diverse enough to invite you to the party 

Inclusive enough to ask you all to dance

Deaf, deaf and Hof H

Here at PDS Bootle Dance Academy and throughout our PDS work we try our best to make all classes assessable.

Having been brought up by a profoundly deaf mother and having lost my hearing as a young adult (28 years), I wear BAHA Implants

. Without my implants switched on I have about an 98% loss of hearing, with them I can hear as well as most people as long as were are in the same room, though I do find hearing on phones or computers difficult.

I am passionate about all our classes being assessable to

Deaf, deaf and Hof H students.

Most of our YouTube classes have subtitles

Our app is a great tool reading what's going on.

I am well aware that English is a second language to many Deaf students and understand that many Deaf student have a limited reading capacity in English which is why at the moment I am learning and in the process of learning BSL.

Please Text, Write or Knock on my door if you like any information about attending our classes

Dance Teachers

Audism simply refers to the discrimination or prejudice against individuals who are d/Deaf or hard-of-hearing.

Do you understand the difference between

DEAF - deaf - Hard of Hearing

Could you be guilty of Audism without knowing

 Are your classes accessible for people with a hearing impairment?

  • Is your music set correctly?

  • Do you structure your sessions with this in mind?

  • Do you know how many people in your class that are hearing impaired?

Sadly, many people in the d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing community continue to experience forms of discrimination in their everyday lives. Whether it be communication discrimination (where access is not made possible for someone to communicate), assumptions about what d/Deaf or hard-of-hearing people can or can not do, or being shut out of social or work environments, Audism is still a real problem.

There are many ways to communicate, and many ways to be d/Deaf or hard-of-hearing, so don’t assume anything.

Some people may be able to hear your voice.

Some may use a hearing aid and will be able to hear some sound.

Some may have cochlear implant hear sound differently to you.

Others are ‘profoundly deaf’ and may have no hearing at all.

And all people use different communication methods!

Some d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing people read lips – though this is not an easy task and not all can do it.

Others will rely on sign language and may need an interpreter present.

Some may communicate by texting or writing things down though also for some BSL maybe their first language and they may not read or write English.

The world has become an isolating place for many deaf people with the advance of technology in some cases for those who can text it may have become better but for many zoom and and other forms of video in place of Face to Face have just made life harder as they can't lip read or the interference of electronics devices work against their Implants/aids.

And don't lets discuses masks other than to say

STEP BACK and LOWER YOUR MASK  if you want me to hear you

Everyone is different,

 process! If you are not sure about something, just ask!

As a dance teacher with 32 years experience who has been deaf for 27 of those years, I feel I am in a great place to help you  engage with hearing impaired students better.