Elite Teacher Training Academy

Based in the Lake District

but available at our 

Blackpool & Virtual Schools

The place for great Teacher Training

Standard Ballroom, Latin American,

Classical Sequence,

Club Dance (Salsa).

Pro Dance Services Elite Teacher Training Academy works with dancers to train them towards a dance examinations with the UKA Dance.

Group Dance
Dance Class

Do you see yourself

  • working within a private dance school,

  • running weekly classes for adults or children,

  • helping to sharing your passion for

    • Standard Ballroom,

    • Latin American, 

    • Classical Sequence,

    • Club Dance (Salsa),

  • developing cognitive skills,

  • running association awards,

  • coaching for competitions, or running social classes?


Join Pro Dance Services for unparalleled teacher training you won’t find anywhere else.
Put on your dancing shoes and sign up with 

Janet Bosson

Fellow UKA, Fellow IDTA

Have a look at what we can provide for you

Modern Dance Teacher
Dance Class

Provisional Course

Pre -Teaching Diploma

For those who are completely new to teaching and need a bit more help before attending a teaching course.

  1. Standard Ballroom

  2. Latin American

  3. Classical Sequence

About our courses


(invigilated externally through the UKA)

Candidate will be expected to provide

  • A portfolio on the syllabus units.

  • A 5 dance a demonstration 

  • A viva voce examination on the dance theory 

How we work

We provided podcast, video and PFD lectures on the five topics including how to write a term and lesson plan required for your

Portfolio Examination

We provided private lessons on technique for your

Viva Voce Examination

We provided private lessons on choreography for your

5 Dance Demonstration Examination


  • Course enrolment fee is £65

  • Technique books you will need to buy yourself.

  • Private face2face lessons, zoom lessons or digital evaluation as needed. £20/£35 per hour

  • Examination Fee ( paid to UKA)

  • Room rent and teachers fee on examination day

Couples Dancing