Hold and CBMP

Do you ever feel that it takes a special effort to get yourself that Ballroom hold? Do you need to step to the side or shift you weight sideways? Do you need to move your partner more rightwards?

Foxtrot Feather Step

As advanced dancers we know that the Feather Step is designed to allow us to move through shoulder lead to CBMP so that the leader can step outside of the follower.

We also now that from closed position our first step has to as lead pretty much be a forward step between our followers legs and a back step for the follower.

But we’re it goes wrong is usually the second step. This step should also be taken forward for leader and back for follower but with a little upper body rotation. In other words the legs continue to move down the line of alignment but the sternum faces right for leader follower ( left). This then allows the leader to slip his right foot ( notice I say foot not leg) to the outside of the followers foot without really leaving position. It is important not to do this rotation through the arms, the movement should come from the hip area.

Important the leaders head should not move, at the beginning of the move the leader is looking above the followers right elbow as the movement continues the leader will find themselves looking as the back of the followers right hand but that their head has NOT moved. Their nose is still positioned over their toes. They must becareful not to over rotate they don’t want to end up looking at the back of their own hand.

If this rule is followed there is know need for

  • Big steps

  • No need to get out of your partner way

  • No jerking

  • No pushing

All a feather is, is three little steps a little rotatio.



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