Ten rules a follower should review

  1. Don’t assume the delusion that it’s the leader who must know how to dance, and that you just follow. To be a popular partner you must know how to dance the steps too.

  2. Feel confidence by learning many step patterns.

  3. Understand the learners part, you will find your then becomes easier.

  4. Follow your leader at all times on the dance floor, be ready to move lightly and don’t try to lead or dominate.

  5. Devolp a long graceful backward step that dose not hinder your partners movement.

  6. Always be ready to step off with whichever foot your partner wants to move first.

  7. Let your hold be light and don’t hang or learn on you partner.

  8. Don’t count our loud.

  9. Never look at your feet while dancing.

  10. Remember Practice makes Perfect

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