What is partner dancing and why you should learn it

These are dances styles that involve coordinating steps with a partner as opposed to individuals dancing alone, or in groups dance. Some of these dance styles date back to the 1700’s others form the 1920’s 50′ 60’s 80’s etc.

Styles like Ballroom, Latin American, Club Latin (Salsa), Argentine Tango, Swing, Charleston, Lindy hop, Swing, American Smooth and more …….

In most partner dances, one, person within the partnership takes the part of the lead, the other, the part of the followerand remains the same throughout the dance. Many couples choose to permanently take the part of the lead or follower, others change for particular dance styles or learn both. Though traditionally the man used to be the lead and the lady the follower, today either is acceptable and you often find two ladies or two gent dancing together.

Have you always admired the couple who get up with ease at a party?

  • Learning to dance is great exercise, you’ll be surprised how much of a workout you get.

  • What ever style you choose it feels like every muscle in your body is working, and it does not  matter what your starting fitness level is, it’s just is a great way to exercise without feeling like you’re working out.

  • Couple dancing is a great way to  help prevent Alzheimer’s as it a great cognitive workout as well as a physical. It boost your mood and gives you something to look forward that can help with anxiety and depression.

  • You will improve you balance, poise and coordination

  • It’s a great social activity. You will soon have loads of new friends and this will boost your confidence and you will find your communication and teamwork skills dramatically improve.

  • And you get to do all this while dressed up in your Sunday best rather then you sweats at the gym.

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