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Did you know?

Research shows that aging adults who participated in some sort of dance regularly were 76% less likely to develop dementia. 

Dance provides the benefits of

  • Aerobic activity, which helps decrease your risk of depression and other chronic diseases. 

  •  Incorporating choreography and music into your exercise triggers memory and forces split-second decision making. 

  • Exercising these parts of your brain creates new neural pathways, making for a sharper and happier mind.



Not available at the moment

due to Covid 19

We provide 

Silver Tea Dances

or Silver Seated Exercise Session

at your 

rest home, nursing home, community centre

These dances are tailored to be fun even if you not able to stand up and dance, with music that's both vintage to trigger memories and new to get the cognitive juices flowing. 

It costs a home or community group £25 to have Pro Dance Services run a 60 minute Silver Tea Dance or Silver Seated Exercise Session.

This pays for PPL licence, insurance, PPE, Instructors fee & petrol.

Help them get a free session by donating here

Deaf- deaf - HofH


Pro Dance Services is a  Dementia Friends. We wondered if you to would like to become a dementia friend too? It only take a few minutes and cost you nothing. All you need to do is click the button below and watch a video on dementia. You will need to enter this code pro21020

If you can watch with family all the better add the number of people watching that video with you.

Then you to can say your a Dementia Friend, what's more you will understand dementia a bit better.


Janet's work with Disabilities and Dementia (through JLC Dance ) in particular has been recognised and written about in the book “The Unlikely Dancer” by Hazel Rae Minnick, as well as having articles in the IDTA Magazine and local newspaper..

Working closely with Blackpool Victoria Hospital Janet has helped run a number of events to promote dementia awareness. And has run “Silver Tea Dances” and “Seated Dance Sessions” for people with disabilities, especially those suffering from Dementia for most of her career, working with both Lancashire and Blackpool Councils.

She is pictured here second left with a number of her dancers and Alzheimer’s Ambassador Anne Nolan. (of the Nolan sisters)


What is a memory?

What is a memory? But snapshot of time,

A photograph stored, like a vintage wine.

What is a memory? It's where we pine,

It's heartache, or laughter, and solace of kind.

What is a memory? It's the past all signed,

A lifetime in pictures, our future to find.

So that is a memory, but what is its point?

It's our life, our self, our soul, and our mind,

That because of dementia, some can not find.

by Janet Bosson

Deaf, deaf and Hof H

Here at Pro Dance Services we try our best to make all classes assessable.

Having been brought up by a profoundly deaf mother and having lost her hearing as a young adult (28 years), Janet wears BAHA's.

She is passionate about all our classes being assessable to Deaf, deaf and Hof H students and the moment she is learning BLS.

Most of our You Tube classes have subtitles

Our app is a great tool for those who prefer to text then phone and we have  Ava and Rogevoice or those who prefer

Dance teachers - Janet is available to help make your classes accessible too. As a dance teacher with 32 years experience who has been deaf for 26 of those years, she in a great place to help you  engage with deaf students better.



Courses undertaken by Janet to understand covid and to keep you safe in class.

ePROTECT Respiratory Infections (EN) - World Heath Organisation-Heath Emergency Program

Covid -19 Tackling the Novel Coronavirus - The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Emerging Respiration viruses, including Covid 19: Methods of detection, prevention response and control. - World Heath Organisation-Heath Emergency Program